The Cowboys Conundrum Is Only Getting Worse

Dallas has a major problem on their hands. They have a lot of dudes who need to get paid, and not enough cap room to make it work. Most notably Zeke is holding out because he wants to get paid like Todd Gurley. They also have to pay Amari Cooper soon, as his deal is expiring. Let’s not forget about all the young defenders they need to pay soon. Then there’s that guy who runs the offense, and he needs a new contract soon too.

It the latter of the 3 who holds the keys to how successful this Cowboys team will be. Dak Prescott is looking to be a top-paid QB in the league. That’s a problem, mostly because he isn’t a top QB. He’s very good, but not tops. If the Cowboys can get Dak to play ball, then they can get Zeke back before the season starts. Unfortunately for them, Dak isn’t playing nice.

According to Michael Lombardi of The Atheltic, Prescott turned contract worth $30-million a year. Now if you’re a Cowboys fan you can hope that Dak said ” Oh no Mr. Jones, that’s kind but I’m not worth that much, especially with all the other guys you need to pay” but I wouldn’t hold your breath.

With Prescott looking for more than $30million, he’s also looking to be a top-5 paid QB in the league. Statistically, his best season was his rookie season and he’s only 1-2 in the playoffs in his career. This situation is going to put Dallas in a bind. They could very well figure this all out and keep a very good young core on offense for years to come. Just as easily though, they could lose all three in free agency next year and enter a full rebound.

The fate of the Cowboys rests on Dak’s willingness to play ball.

-Dillon Leary


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