The Cleveland Browns are the Most Poorly Ran Organization in Sports

Before I start, I know this is the most “no shit sherlock” blog that you’ll read all day, but it’s been a slow news day, so bear with me please.

Late last night, the Cleveland Browns shipped WR Corey Coleman to the Buffalo Bills in exchange for a late-round pick. This move specifically is not the reason I feel that the Browns are the worst organization in sports. It’s the culmination of moves that they have made basically since I’ve been alive that make me feel this way. I haven’t seen this franchise do a single thing right, and the Corey Coleman trade only added to that never-ending snowball effect of awful moves.

Anyways, Corey Coleman was one of the many first-round picks made by Cleveland over the last 3 years. As a matter of fact, the pick that Cleveland used to select him was part of a package from the Philadelphia Eagles in exchange for Carson Wentz. Here are the others:

What does this list tell you? To put it lightly, the Browns got fleeced by the Eagles in that trade. Carson Wentz was an MVP candidate last year, meanwhile, almost half of the guys Cleveland got in return aren’t even with the team anymore. And the ones who still remain with the team are garbage, besides Denzel Ward, who hasn’t played yet.

Following the Corey Coleman trade, the Browns now have zero (0) of the eleven (11) first-round picks they made from years 2009-2016. 8 drafts, 11 first round picks, and nothing to show for it. That is the most embarrassing statistic I’ve ever seen in my life (next to the list of Browns starting QB’s of course).

The Browns are impatient, not good at developing talent, and just downright oblivious to anything that has to do with football. Jimmy Haslem should sell the team and they should just clean house from top to bottom, maybe even relocate while they’re at it. I’d say blow it up, but that doesn’t do justice to what this organization needs to do if they want to be successful. They need full-on nuclear warfare within their own doors if they want to even sniff a playoff appearance, let alone a Super Bowl.

-Nick Cherico (@NickCherico2)

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