The Challenge War Of The Worlds Preview

The Challenge War Of The Worlds looks like it will be one for the books. We have some of the same old vets returning, but also have a ton of rookie competitors.

Location: Swakopmund, Namibia

Prize: $1,000,000

From what I have gathered about this season, is that the rookies pick the teams. Here are what the teams will look like.

Team selections:

Amanda Garcia & Alan Valdez (replaced by Josh Martinez)

Ashley Mitchell & Chase McNary

Cara Maria Sorbello & Theo Campbell

Chris “CT” Tamburello & Julia Nolan

Da’Vonne Rogers & Stephen Bear

Hunter Barfield & Georgia Harrison

Jenna Compono & Gus Smyrnios

Johnny “Bananas” Devenanzio & Morgan Willett

Kam Williams & Ashley Cain

Kyle Christie & Mattie Breaux

Leroy Garrett & Shaleen Sutherland

Nany González & Turabi “Turbo” Çamkiran

Natalie Negrotti & JP Andrade

Paulie Calafiore & Natalie “Ninja” Duran

Wes Bergmann & Dee Nguyen

Zach Nichols & Zahida Allen

Some of these teams are just hilarious. CT has some of the worst luck in the game. Last season his partner treated the game like a vacation. Now he is paired up with Julia Nolan (Big Brother), who is easily the weakest female in the game. Jenna Compono who is one of the strongest female competitors is paired up with Gus (Floribama Shore)…. Gus may not be weak, but does he have the brains to get him through the game?

Things We Are All Thinking

  1. How many girls will Kyle hook up with?
  2. How will Ashley and Hunter act towards each other
  3. Can one of these Vets win?
  4. How old is Jonny Bananas? (seriously this guy is on every season)
  5. How many cast members will get into fights? (Kyle, Hunter, Paulie, all wildcards)

We are finally starting to see a brand new wave of cast members. This is good for two reasons. One, we the fans get to see some fresh faces. We really know nothing about the new challengers entering the game. Two, I bet we will see the game totally change. What I mean by this is that the rookies will run this years game. The Vets are going to tear each other apart because by now they all hate each other. However, their puppetmaster has to be Wes. Wes Bergmann will have these rookies voting his way the entire game.

My pick: Judging by the past few challenges, I am assuming that the sole winner (Person with the best time) will get to choose if he/she wants to share or keep all the money. Turabi “Turbo” Çamkiran will be this seasons winner. We don’t know too much about this guy other than he has won two seasons of Turkish Survivor. To me, that is enough to put a solid bet on this man. He has survived in the wilderness twice and he obviously has the brains/political mindset to win a game like this.

Tune in Wednesday nights at 9 pm EST to watch all the drama unfold.

Connor Strayer (@CouchGuyBigC)

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