The Challenge Vendettas Report: Episode 9

We start off the episode with the Troika deciding who they should choose to be in the Inquisition. This was not hard for Natalie and Bananas since they wanted to throw their vendettas in. How ever Nelson wants to throw in Cara since they are somewhat vendettas. In the end, they were all able to throw in who they wanted.






Nicole Z


Cara Marie

Nicole Z kind of got attacked in this inquisition, but Bananas was just trying to get intel from her. Which was that she is working with everyone in the house. Cara Marie obviously had nothing to worry about since Bananas and Natalie are aligned with her. This has to be obvious though, Kailah and Marie are best friends, so why not put them up against each other in the elimination?


Kailah Vs. Marie

Basket Case: the two players are locked in baskets where they have to do whatever they can to get out. Once they get out, they have to solve a puzzle. The first to finish wins. Either of these players really had a chance at this, since it is not a physical challenge. Kailah gets out of her basket first, and had a huge lead on Marie. She finishes her puzzle and wins pretty easily. As far as eliminations go, this one was pretty lame.

Winner: Kailah

I do not know how Kailah does not ultimately use her grenade on Natalie or Bananas. These two just threw her into the elimination and wanted to see her go home. But somehow Kailah tells Natalie that she will not use the grenade on her (dumb move).


He took a really hard fall in the last challenge and was taken to the hospital.

The Challenge: Kicking Ass

The challengers play a game of soccer while wearing giant orbs (giant bubbles) and  bouncing stilts on their feet. The grenade that Kaliah chooses is picking teams. This is one of the best grenades she could have picked since being on a good team is the most important thing in this challenge. She totally screwed over Bananas and puts him on a team with the worst female competitors and all the guys that are injured. To everyone’s surprise, Bananas team scored first, but Kaliahs team scores right after that to tie up the score. Zach ends up scoring the final goal to win it for Kailash team.





Now the loosing team had to pick a male to go straight into elimination. This all came down to Jem and Kayleigh to choose who was going in since Bananas and Devin had two votes apiece. This should have been an easy two votes for Bananas since he is a beast and has a good chance to be the champion, if he makes it all the way to the end. Why not take a chance and try to get him out now?  But for some reason no one gets this and the two girls vote Devin in to elimination

Devin should 100% call Bananas out next episode. Bananas track record in eliminations is not the best, and Devin actually has a shot against him. Will Tony and Zach throw their puppet leader into elimination against Devin? We will see next Tuesday! 

Connor Strayer (@Big_C19)

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