The Challenge Vendettas Report: Episode 14

Before the season started, I chose Zach to win The Challenge Vendettas. He’s now in the Final, and I expect him to be the best guy performer. This episode proved a lot, but I was honestly disappointed by it. I don’t think these competitors had a tough final and it was all based off luck.

Going into the Final, Leroy deserves to be pissed off at Tony. They’re really good friends, and he could have just told him the truth. Also, does Kyle have an actually chance at winning this Final? HELL NO. He’s out of shape, and he has no clue what is to come.

Really MTV? You bring back Bananas and Melissa as mercenaries for the Final? First of all, Mallissa is not even a tough person to get past for the girls. However, Bananas is one of the best competitors in challenge history. ย 

TJ only has room for four players in stage two of the Final ( 2 guys and 2 girls). The other four players that don’t make it to stage two, get eliminated.

For the first leg of the Final, the players are shackled by the legs and arms. They then had to run through the forest to their first game. For the first game, I thought the guys played stupidly. Since they were just stealing torches from each other, Kyle was able to pull a massive lead from them. Finally Tony, Zach, and Leroy called its truths after wasting so much time. They allowed Kyle to get a massive lead, just for nothing.

Out of nowhere, Nicole sprains her ankle running through the mud. I really felt bad for her at this point, since she had to much to play for. She is one of the toughest women in the game, and it was tough to see. She had $23,000 in her bank account, and that money is now gone. The girls played a straight up game in this part. No one stole any torches.

Since Kyle is the first one to the dungeon, we got to see Bananas and Melissa. Let me express this again. This was a stupid idea by MTV to bring these two into the game after they were actually competitors. Once a competitor reaches the dungeon, they have to play a card game of high low with the mercenaries. If the mercenary wins best two out of three, he/she can use a grenade on the competitor. Two of the grenades are not to bad but for the third one they competitors have to bury a log? Why do I hate this? Well bananas and Melissa can just fuck over anyone they want.

For example, if Bananas beats Leroy (which he didn’t), he could have let him go. But if Zach and Tony lose, they will to get hell. Fortunately for the guys, they all lucked out and won the game of high low.

Kam was the only one out of the girls who lost the game of high low. Melissa made her bury a log in a full suit of armor.

For the people that won their game of high low, they had to run the next leg in a full body of armor. For the next game, the competitors had to face off in a medieval game of pegs. First it was Leroy vs Kyle. Leroy won this game and had Kyle eat smelly cheese. Zach then had to wait for the next competitor to arrive go. Lucky for him it was his buddy Cara. They both agreed that they would go easy on each other and had one another drink the hot chocolate. This was a smart move by both since they did not want to waste time.

Tony had to wait forever for someone to arrive, and that someone was Kailah. This was also stupid, since if you had a lead over someone, it could have been closed due to who ever was behind you. Once Kailah arrived, they had the same game plan as Cara and Zach which was smart.

Stage two will consist of:




To be honest, this had to be one of the easiest part of a challenge. It mostly all revolved around luck, and really no skill. I really do not understand why they thought Kyle did so good in this challenge. They LET HIM get that far and it was basically their fault that he got a massive lead in the beginning.ย 

Memory Smash

I was hoping that the second stage of this Final would be a lot harder. However, MTV disappointed us once again. We end this episode with stage two of the final beginning. The last four have to memorize a puzzle, then run to another part of the castle where they have to replicate that puzzle.

Connor Strayer (@Big_C19)

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