The Challenge Vendettas Report: Episode 12

The Challenge Vendettas is absolutely bananas right now, I have no clue what will happen next. We left off last episode with two players (Brad & Kam) winning grenades. Now we’ll see how they’ll use these to grab an upper hand on the game.

The Challenge: Spanish Treasure 

This is a girls elimination week. Kam choose the time crunch grenade which she threw at Cara, and Brad used his tied up grande on Kyle. The winning teams then gets to decide the Troika AND the Troika will then go on a “Burger King Reward”. Which ever three players get into the Troika will get to enjoy a massage while they eat Burger King. Talk about being treated like a king after going through a tough challenge season.

The Troika which consisted of Zack, Tony, and Natalie picked the most lopsided teams for this challenge. I really cant blame them since the game is winding down and they need all the power they can get. Team 1 absolutely killed it, and that is expected since their team is stacked with the strongest people. They call this season The Challenge Vendettas for a reason.

Team 2 on the other hand was an absolute joke. Cara couldn’t even get a ball in the net and the rest of her team cant even swim. This may have been one of the funniest challenges to watch since this team performed so badly. Some of these people need to go home and take some swimming lessons.

Team 1 wins this challenge and it wasn’t even close. The thing was, that the winning team had a tough time picking the Troika. The girls on the winning team ( Jem, Nicole, Natalie) just wanted to make sure they wouldn’t get thrown into elimination. Devin stated that they should not let Zack and Tony be in control again. All in all, this argument was just a mess. The girls should’ve spoken up more, but they trust Zack and Tony for some weird reason.





Now the loosing team could’nt even pick a girl to go into elimination, so the winning team got to choose. This is huge since the loosing team just lost its power to throw in someone who they wanted. The winning team decides to throw Kam in for her third elimination.

Girl Up For Elimination: 


Now the Troika has so much fun on their Burger King reward. They acted like kings the entire time, and they deserve it. They’ve tricked the other players into allowing them to be in the Troika for the majority of the game. Tony and Zack have back stabbed multiple people and the other players still some how trust them.

When it came down to choosing the Inquisition, the Troika didn’t have a hard time. They 100% knew who they wanted to throw in, and they don’t like Natalie. Natalie totally skrewd herself over by allowing these guys to be in the Troika.





Tony and Zack have complete power of the game right now. If I were the rest of the players, I wouldn’t put Tony and Zack back in the Troika.


Kam vs. Natalie

Going into this challenge, I thought Natalie had the upper hand. She’s a gymnast and she does cross fit. Natalie came out like a ball of fire, and it looked like she was easily going to win. Out of no where, Kam turns it on and goes ahead of Natalie to win the elimination. WOW. This is Kams third elimination win this season! She has to use her grenade on one of the power players (Tony or Zack). However, I don’t think she’s smart enough to do that.

Help Me Ronda:

For this challenge, the players have to race up a mountain, and through the streets of a city. TJ drops the bomb on the players and explains that the slowest man and women to finish this race go home. Kam uses the grenade to take Devin’s cash. UMMM I don’t get this move, but she now gets $16,000 from Devin. Kam could have used the time crunch on one of the girls to guarantee herself not being eliminated. In a challenge like this, every second mattes,and she could have gotten rid of a strong competitor. Unfortunately we have to tune in next week to see who will be packing their bags.

Connor Strayer (@Big_C19)

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