The Challenge Vendettas Report: Episode 11

Welcome back to The Challenge Vendettas Report. If you missed last episode, then I suggest you go back and watch it. Episode 10 was wild, and the reigning champ Johnny Bananas is now eliminated. This opens up the game for anyone to win. Over the past few weeks, the Challenge Vendettas has really heated up. New vendettas have been created and many people have been blindsided.

This episode starts off with a challenge called “This Land Is Our Land”, and it was a double elimination challenge. This makes it so important to make it into the Troika since they will have double the power.

Devin selected to pick the teams and that is the smartest choice because he can put himself with the strongest people. In my opinion, I do not think Devin put himself on the best team possible. And this really shows when his entire team fails at winning. His team actually comes in last place which is absolutely insane. The winning team consisted of Tony, Zack, Nicole Z, and Natalie.





The loosing team then chose Brad and Kam to go straight into elimination. Since this is a double estimation challenge, the Troika has so much power.

Guys up for elimination:




Girls up for elimination:



Cara Marie

Love, Love, Love, the moves that the Troika made in this episode. Tony and Zack are making power moves and they do not care what other people in the house think about them. This is the type of game that everyone wants to see.

The Troika ultimately decided to throw Nelson and Britini into elimination. HOWEVER the Mercenaries are back and they are all past champs. Frank, Darrell, Ashley, and Laurel are back to fuck shit up and ruin everyone’s night. Of course this challenge “Breaking My Chain” is absolutely brutal.

Brad vs Frank:

We have not seen Frank in such a long time, but the dude is a beast. Brad came out of the gate lightning fast and he actually took down Frank. I was surprised by the outcome of this and now he has a grenade. The question is, will he use this grenade wisely? We all know he is not the smartest person in this game.

Ashley vs Kam:

Ashley is a champ, but I do not think she is the strongest. I thought that Kam had a really great chance at winning this elimination. Both girls are extream trash talkers and this was an absolute battle. In the end Kam came out on top. Kam has to feel really good about herself after this win since she has taken down two former champs in eliminations.

Darell vs Nelson:

Honestly I did not think Nelson had any chance at winning this one. Darell is a freak of nature when it comes to these challenges. The two battled it out so hard that they had to reset the chains and go for a second round. In the second round Nelson came out firing again and both battled for an hour. TJ untimely decides to call a draw which means Nelson got to stay, but does not get a grenade.

Britni vs Laurel:

This is funny because Laurel is the strongest girl to ever be apart of the challenge. My original thought was that Britni would lose this in a matter of seconds. Everyone saw this coming, and it was very obvious that Laurel was going to win this one. Laurel was the only mercenary to take someone out of the game this episode.

And finally, TJ reavels for the first time this season that there are two grenades in play. Brad and Kam both earned grenades this episode. This will absolutely shake up the entire game.

This game is getting crazy, and I really can not predict what will happen next.

Connor Strayer (@Big_C19)

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