The Celtics Will STILL Be Fine Even If Kyrie Leaves

*Sigh* The Celtics season is over. Actually, no. THANK GOD this Celtics season is over. This team struggled all year long to find their identity and chemistry. Now of course, the offseason rumors have already started because let’s be honest, we have nothing better to do than to worry about certain players. The obvious culprit in this case is Kyrie Irving.

Even if Kyrie Irving leaves, the Celtics will be JUST fine.

They Still Have A Lot Of Solid Players

The Celtics will still have a pretty good roster to build off of for next season. Guys are also excited to get back at it next season already!

Gordon Hayward:

Aron Baynes (Please come back!):

Jaylen Brown:

You get the point. These guys love being Celtics and are ready to train in the off-season to have a better 2019-2020 season.

The Celtics Have Multiple Trade Pieces

There are moves coming this off-season for the Celtics. The good part is that they have a lot of trade pieces available to throw together in an interesting trade package. One of the main targets will be Anthony Davis, as he has been on Danny Ainge’s radar for years now. Even if they lost Kyrie, they could still pull off a big trade to help keep the Celtics very competitive in the Eastern Conference.

They Could Target Kemba Walker

Kemba Walker has been a name on Celtics fans minds. He will be entering his age 29 season. His age 28 season was his best one yet as he averaged 25.6 PPG and played in all 82 games. This guy would be a great fit for the Celtics if and when Kyrie goes elsewhere. A lot of people think highly of Walker and they might be onto something there.

In Conclusion

Losing Kyrie sucks, but that’s the business. Players move from team to team all of the time. The Celtics still have a bright future ahead of them and you better believe “Trader Danny” will be in full force this summer. Keep believing Celtics fan, the promise land is just out of reach!

-Alan Nahigian (@BigAl2793)

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