The Celtics & Their Third Quarter Woes

For most of this Eastern Conference Semi-Final series, the Celtics have lost the battle in the third quarter. There is something about the third quarter that just scares the Celtics, and no one can figure out what it is? Is it leadership? Coaching?  Overall just the team collapsing?

This has to anger fans since the Celtics play like a championship caliber team in the first half of most of these playoff games. However, after halftime, it’s a different story.  The Celtics need to figure it out tonight or their season is ending. They are literally losing games to Pat Connaughton and George Hill, and it isn’t pretty. The NBA basically handed the Boston Celtics game 4 by forcing Mike Budenholzer to bench Giannas for 8 minutes of the third quarter. 8 MINUTES!


Sorry, but if Giannas is on the bench for that long, then the Celtics should easily take care of business. Sure blame it on Kyrie Irving’s leadership all you want (although this isn’t the problem), but the Celtics have a lot to worry about heading into tonight’s game 5. IF the Celtics can just figure out the third quarter they’d most likely have a lead in this series. It is that simple, or not? If the Celtics lose again in game 5 tonight, it will be because they were outscored in the third quarter.

Connor Strayer (@CouchGuyBigC)

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