The Celtics Should Trade For James Harden

Yesterday, an ESPN producer tweeted this out and it immediately shock Celtics’ fans to their core.

If you are Danny Ainge and all they are asking for is Jaylen Brown and draft picks, then you have to 100% take this deal.  Look at the last two NBA champions, LA Lakers and Toronto Raptors.  Both of these teams made giant preseason trades that ultimately lead to a title.  The Celtics are so fucking close to getting over the hump, but like I have said before that hump has gotten a lot harder.  Giannis and Milwaukee aren’t going anywhere for at least 5 years, Brooklyn is going to be good, Miami is the defending Eastern Conference Champs, and Toronto has been solid since winning the championship.  I don’t think the Celtics will be the 5 seed, but it wouldn’t shock me if they were.

But back to this “impeccable source.”  Knowing Twitter and these no name ESPN producers, this “impeccable source” could literally be some dude at ESPN who is blowing smoke.  But’s lets say this is true and Harden is bound to Toronto or Boston.  You have to take this trade if you’re Ainge.  Brown is a great role player.  He is apart of the Celtics future, but if you have a chance to trade for a top 5 player in the league then you do it.  I understand it will make fans mad, but you know what will help them forget?  A championship!  I honestly think Harden would fit with the Celtics.  People love to point at him taking all those shots in Houston, but look at who he had.  He had to take those shots.  But with Boston, he would have Tatum, Kemba, and Smart to literally compliment his game.

If anything, I think Toronto is giving up more.  Siakam means more to Toronto than Brown means to the Celtics.  I don’t know if Toronto can win with Harden, Lowry, and FVV.  They already lost Ibaka and Gasol, so losing your one young future star would be a hit.  But for the Celtics, losing Brown is just one piece of the three headed dragon.  You will still have Tatum and Smart (who are better).  You’re ultimately giving up the worst of the three for a top 5 player.

I honestly think this is a no-brainer, and any Celtics fan who doesn’t want this to happen is delusional.  Harden would put them over the hump and you still have a dominate core in Tatum and Smart for the foreseeable future.  Get it done, Danny and let’s win number 18.

-John (Uncle_mac4)

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