The Celtics need to Make up Ground Fast and it Needs to Happen Now

The Boston Celtics are currently 13-12 and are barely holding onto the 4th seed in the Eastern Conference. The Celtics have been very inconsistent all season long. The team had a very good win against the Toronto Raptors just days ago, a team who will be in the playoffs. Then, the team had a chance to keep their momentum going against a team who has not been good all season long in the Detroit Pistons. However, the Celtics lost to the 7-19 Pistons. This is unacceptable from a team who is competing for a Championship.

However, the Celtics are not remotely close to done. The team is only 4.5 games out from the 1st seed in the Eastern Conference. Everyone understands that this team has been unhealthy all season. It started with Kemba Walker, who missed the beginning of the regular season due to his knee. However, once he was ready to return, Jayson Tatum was placed on the safety and protocols list due to COVID-19. Then Marcus Smart went down with a calf injury that has him currently out for a couple weeks and maybe even longer. Jaylen Brown, who is arguably the best player on the Celtics right now and should win Most Improved Player of the year, has been also dealing with knee soreness. Getting these four back fully healthy will help significantly but the team cannot continue to dig themselves a hole because before they know it, the Playoffs will be here.

It is tough to see a team with so much potential start off slow. However, this cannot keep happening. The Celtics need to go on run and rack up wins. If the Celtics want to have the potential Game 7 in the Garden once playoff time rolls around, it needs to start now. Yes, we understand the first priority is to get the team healthy. However, while that is happening, the guys who are playing need to step up and come up with big wins.

Zachary Connell (@ZackConnell2)

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