The Celtics NEED Payton Pritchard to step up in Year Two

The Celtics find themselves in a position where they need guys to step up big time in 2021-2022 to have any shot of competing in the Eastern Conference. We know that Brad Stevens has been on an absolute mission to try to revamp this roster, compared to the one he coached last season. But there’s one piece they already have that nobody is talking about: Payton Pritchard. That’s right, Payton Pritchard is a guy that the Celtics need to step up in year two and here are a few reasons why.

His Value Off the Bench as a Shooter

We know that Payton Pritchard is a good shooter off the bench. Currently, he’s playing with the Celtics summer league team and he’s played well in his first two games. Particularly the first game against the Atlanta Hawks, Pritchard had 23 points with seven three pointers. SEVEN! If the Celtics can get Pritchard some more consistent minutes next season, he can put up some good offensive numbers. The Celtics have needed bench scoring and Pritchard showed glimpses of that in his rookie season. Now it’s just about doing it on a somewhat nightly basis.

What Happens When the Celtics Have Scoring Lulls?

The Celtics have been known to go on bad scoring lulls. Celtics fans, you know what I’m talking about. Those second half lulls where they can’t hit a single shot. That’s another thing that Payton Pritchard brings to the Celtics: a solid offensive game. The Celtics have to avoid these scoring lulls if they want to be better in 2021-2022 and Payton Pritchard can be a big part of this offense with his shooting ability.

In Conclusion

Payton Pritchard is a good basketball player for the Celtics. We saw it during year one. Imagine if he builds off of his current summer league performance going into next year. That’s a guy that could be second off the bench (after Smart or Schroder) and help you immediately. It’s going to be fun to see what Pritchard brings to the Celtics in year two of his NBA career.

Feat. image courtesy of Boston Globe

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-Al Nahigian (@BigAl2793 on Twitter)

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