The Celtics are Running out of time.

The Boston Celtics have not had the season we all expected them to have. The team is a .500 and are losing games to teams that are simply not that good. So, does that mean the Celtics are not that good? I wouldn’t go that far but the Celtics production this season has been very underwhelming.

There is a sense around the city that fans could be allowed back into the TD Garden at limited capacity. This is good news as we look into the future of this pandemic. However, with the struggles from the Boston Celtics, will fans even want to go to games. This is where the Celtics are losing time.

The Celtics are currently 15-14 and it is simply not good enough. This team has three All-Stars on this roster and its extremely frustrating watching them struggle. After picking up a big win against a very good Western Conference team, Denver Nuggets, the team couldn’t carry that momentum into the next game against, at the time, an 11-16 Atlanta Hawk team.

Coach Brad Stevens and General Manager, Danny Ainge, are taking a lot of criticism for the production that is happening on the court. Ainge has acknowledged that he is one to blame for the current roster. However, the players are not producing. So, what is the next step for this team before it becomes too late? Simple, the trade deadline.

There are big names swirling around and it is time for the Celtics to make a move. Over the years, Danny Ainge has not made a move at the trade deadline and that has been very frustrating for Celtic fans. The Celtics could really use anything; a scorer in J.J Redick, a shot blocker in Andre Drummond, and a name I would not mind seeing in a Celtic uniform, Blake Griffin. What will it take to get one these guys?

Well, Danny it is time to let go some of those picks you keep holding onto. This Celtic organization has had many opportunities to unload some of those drafts they have but choose to continue to use them and draft guys who ultimately will just end up in Maine.

Jayson Tatum and Jaylan Brown need help. These two players deserve better and it is time for the Celtic Organization to make some big moves in the near future.

Zachary Connell (@ZackConnell2)


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