The Cavs Stink at Trying to be Normal

Before a game against the Knicks on Monday, LeBron James and his Cavalier teammates documented their morning commute. It was… interesting:

I have a few things to say here. First things first, Jae Crowder actually calling this a “once in a lifetime experience” might be the most wild thing I’ve ever heard. I get that he’s an athlete and doesn’t have to use public transportation, but riding the subway by no means is a once in a lifetime experience. Homeless people literally ride that thing every single day. A once in a lifetime experience is something like meeting Tom Brady, or doing literally anything that the everyday citizen doesn’t have access to. You’re telling me you never rode on a subway in college or even when you were a little kid? I don’t buy it Jae Crowder. I don’t buy it at all.

Next, I wonder if the guy LeBron was sitting next to even knew he was sitting next to LeBron James. Because if that were me, I really don’t think I would’ve had the balls to shove his phone out of my face. And why did he get so mad about being on camera that he had to get up and go find another seat? I don’t think he would’ve gotten so angry is he knew who that was, which leads me to believe he didn’t.

Lastly, the guy who yelled “KP gonna get ya’ll tonight bruh” is my hero. The sad part is that he actually almost did, but the Cavs ended up pulling away late. But this does not change the fact that the Cavs do in fact stink this year without Kyrie. Danny Ainge wins again.

Written By: Nick Cherico (@NickCherico2)

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