The Case for Phil Mickelson at The US Open

Next week, golf’s second major and arguably the hardest returns as The US Open is set at Winged Foot.  Winged Foot, which is in New York, is home to one of the best golf meltdowns ever.  The 2006 US Open had drama written all over it going into the 18th and final hole on Sunday. Phil Mickelson was leading and all he had to do was make par to win, bogey for a playoff, and double bogey to lose. The final pairing was Mickelson and Geoff Ogilvy to which Mickelson was winning by a stroke. But that all changed when he ripped driver way too far left.

Disclaimer: Sorry for the bad quality but only video I could find with the whole hole.

So just to break it down for you a little, Mickelson hit driver. The color guy, Johnny Miller, thought this was a 4-wood. But look at the fucking look of disgust Mickelson gives when he hits that ball. It’s pure “I just fucked up.”  So anyway, he hits that ball and in typical Phil fashion it bounces off the back stop, a person’s leg, and over some geese shit for him to hit an ok, very much not great, second shot. Phil does the right thing and tries to cut this ball around the tree to give himself an easier third shot. This is all going great until Johnny Miller rips everyone’s heart out with a “I think the balls going backwards folks.” Just a brutal, brutal thing to say Mr. Miller.

I won’t keep commenting on the video, but please give it a watch. It’s so funny. For a Phil fan it’s still absolutely hilarious between the shots, the looks, the commentators, and the massive crowd of people just all watching Mickelson have a meltdown.

I hope Mickelson doesn’t get PTSD when he steps out of his car next Thursday. Or when he hits the 18th tee box! It wouldn’t be fair for Phil. However, I am grateful that he gave us one of the all time meltdowns in golf history.

-John (Uncle_Mac4)

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