The B’s are Back in Town

The Boston Bruins kicked off their first day of training camp. Not only are these unprecedented times in the NHL; but, the spoked B team is starting their season without former Captain Zdeno Chara. It is exciting to see the team all together again!

Training Camp Roster

Source: Twitter.com/NHLBruins

Yesterday, the Bruins released the team’s roster prior to training camp. We see many familiar names, some new names, and some delightful surprises. Brad Marchand made his way back just in time for training camp. And a young Jack Studnicka joined the team for camp.

Brad Marchand Spotted

At the end of the Bruins playoff run this year, the team released a statement saying that Brad Marchand was to undergo surgery to repair his hernia. Marchand was not even expected to participate in training camp, but he was skating on the ice today practicing with everyone.

In his interview, Marchand said that his injury has been bothering him for 2.5 years and has affected his ability to play hockey. Which in retrospect is insane due to the stats that Marchand has had with his nagging injury. In the 2018-2019 season, Marchand had 100 points and that was an injured Marchand! And this past season he had 87 points in a shortened season! He said that the past couple of years he was only able to play at 80%. I can’t wait to see what numbers Marchy will put up this season.

McAvoy has Big Shoes to Fill… Literally

With the departure of Big Z, Charlie McAvoy will be the top defenseman on the Bruins. Earlier today, Coach Bruce Cassidy discussed how over the years McAvoy has done a fantastic job taking on more responsibility, but, how the 23-year-old still has ways to go to reach his full potential. Cassidy says he does not mean that with any disrespect but “time is the best teacher”. Although McAvoy is young himself, he will have to start showing younger guys the ropes.

Easier said than done, but McAvoy will have to play well this season in order for his partner to watch out for himself. Now that some of the older defensive players are gone, we will expect McAvoy to be more vocal on the bench and stay engaged in the game. With a shortened season and focusing on the prize, McAvoy will be in for a challenge. We certainly hope he succeeds!

Patrice Bergeron’s 17th Season on the B’s

Patrice Bergeron will be joining the Bruins this year for his 17th season. Yes, you read that correctly, he has been with the team since he was 18 years old. The soon-to-be Captain of the Bruins is very excited to start the season. He said that Chara’s departure feels different and unfortunate but the team needs to get ready for the season. As for leadership, Bergeron emphasizes that it’s crucial to “lead by example and just be yourself.”

Bergeron said he has had the pleasure to play alongside many different leaders on the ice who have shaped him into the player he is today. He said, “I’ve had the chance to play with so many great leaders, and not even just with letters on their jerseys, but guys I have learned from and left an impact. And that’s how you grow as a person, you learn from those people and remain humble and pick up things here and there. And to create bonds and become a better human being”. What a typical Bergeron response.

Kevan Miller is Back

After a year and a half off the ice, Kevan Miller skated for the first time with the team. He had not played since April 2019 due to a knee injury. Miller was rehabbing and training but unfortunately had another setback as he had another surgery back in the early half of 2020.

Marchand said that he almost had goosebumps watching Miller play and he was so happy to see him skating well. He said that Miller’s comeback is very impressive and is excited to play with him again. I’m excited to see what Miller brings to the table this year. When he is healthy he is an aggressive defenseman, and that is what we need!

– Fran Romero (@chess_romero)

Featured image courtesy of Twitter.com/NHLBruins

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