The Boston Celtics Will Reach The 2019 NBA Finals

Well well well, Welcome to Boston Kyrie Irving!  I am thanking you now for helping the Boston Celtics reach the 2019 NBA Finals.  If you are already tired of hearing about this trade, you need to get over it. This is one of the biggest offseason’s the Celtics have ever put together! If the LeBron rumors are true, then LeBron will be adventuring out West next Summer. If this happens, then the Boston Celtics would be the complete front runner to win the Eastern Conference Finals. Why did I not say thank you for this upcoming season?

Well, the Cavaliers are still a dominate team even without Irving. They gained a solid player in Crowder and a PG that is close to being on a contract season (IT). IT is also going to be freed up a lot since most teams will be focusing on LeBron. Thomas was the lead scorer on the Celtics even when he was the focus of defense every night! Imagine what he is going to do with even more open looks?! PLUS he is pissed off/fired up after just being traded by a team that he would have died for!

I would absolutely love to say that I 100% think the Celtics could take down the Cavaliers in a 7 game series, but that is tough. LeBron is still the best player in the world, Love is better than Horford, and Thompson is better than Morris. This series would go 6-7 games and the outcome could literally be a flip of a coin. But like I said, if LeBron goes out West for the 2019 season then get ready Celtics fans. Irving will be playing on a contract year ( so you know he will go all out) and the Celtics young core will have another season under their belt. 2019 will be the season that the Celtics make the NBA Finals and I think they would put up a great fight up against whichever team they have to play. Good job Ainge, you made the right move thinking about the future of the team.

Written By: Connor Strayer (@Big_C19)

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