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I love Boston, probably more than the average Bostonian. There is so much to love here; you have the American history, the top tier universities, and the amazing weather (not including winter). But what I like about it most about it is that the city has a family feel to it. You can run into a stranger on Newbery Street and instantly become friends with them. It’s something that you don’t see in a lot of major cities. And what makes this connection even more special is due to the crazy passion of the city’s sports team and the athletes on those teams. These athletes become part of something so special that they form what I call “The Boston Brotherhood”. Here are just a few examples.

Since 2000, Boston has lived in the golden age of professional sports. We have won 10 championships in the new millennium; 5 from the Patriots, 3 from the Red Sox, 1 from the Celtics, and 1 from the Bruins. Throughout that 17 years, the professional athletes have formed a real brotherhood here as I previously mentioned. That relationship has to start with the legends; Tom Brady and David Ortiz. Last year, both Brady and Ortiz were having career years and what made it even more special was that it was Ortiz’s final season. Like many Red Sox fans, Brady voiced his opinion saying that he didn’t want Ortiz to retire. Brady said “He’s been a great player for the league and for the city. I mean he’s meant so much, been a part of three championship teams here. Baseball is huge here in Boston and really in New England. I mean they love the Red Sox. It’s obviously sad to see him retire.” Ortiz returned the favor by going nuts on Instagram when Brady and the Patriots came back and won the Super Bowl over the Atlanta Falcons.
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During Ortiz’s final home stand of the year, the Red Sox brought out the other Boston sports to Fenway to celebrate Ortiz’s career. The Bruins were led by legends Bobby Orr and Ray Bourque, the Patriots sent Ty Law with other Patriot retirees, and the Celtics sent their entire 2017 roster (pictured below). Even Celtic star Isaiah Thomas was star struck as he asked Ortiz to sign his jersey. One really cool connection that Ortiz had with the Celtics was the recently acquired Al Horford. Horford and Ortiz have been friends for years as they are both from the Dominican Republic. When Horford was asked about why he joined the Boston Celtics, he admitted that Ortiz played a big part in why he came to Boston. Horford said “He loves the city, he embraces it. Just being around him and seeing how things are for him and how special he feels like this place is, that was enough for me to know that this is a special place.” And while, the recruitment of Kevin Durant didn’t work out for the Celtics, it was still epic when Isaiah Thomas, Danny Ainge, and Tom freakin’ Brady rolled up to Durant’s door and almost got him to come to Boston.

The teams have done a great job of supporting one another. David Ortiz and Isaiah Thomas have gone to multiple Patriot games, Celtic rookies Jaylen Brown and Demetrius Jackson went to visit the Bruins earlier in the season, and Red Sox stars Xander Bogarts and Mookie Betts were courtside watching the Celtic playoff game last week. But one player who stands out is LeGarrette Blount’s fandom with the Celtics. The running back on the New England Patriots has been a frequent guest and the TD Garden and the Celtic players have loved it. After forming a relationship with forward Jae Crowder, Crowder said on Blount “He chest bumps. He do all that high fives, all that crazy stuff. He’s a football guy so he’s got a lot of energy, especially after a win.”


But what makes this “Boston Brotherhood” is when things become tragic, they really do care about one another. Of course all teams came together during the 2013 Boston Marathon Bombing, but I’m focusing on something that happened last week. As you all know, Isaiah Thomas’ younger sister was killed and he had been taking really hard. Good friend and teammate Avery Bradley tried to console him but Thomas broke down hours before Game 1 against the Bulls. The Celtics went on to lose the next two games. After Game 2, Thomas flew out to Washington (State) to his sister’s funeral. Then before Friday’s Game 3 Tom Brady sent out an Instagram picture of Isaiah Thomas before Game 3, sending condolences and luck for the upcoming series. There’s something really touching there because Tom doesn’t have to do anything but he did. And that’s just the newest example this “Boston Brotherhood”. Through thick and think, though the good times and the bad times; these Boston athletes are family. It’s just another reason why Boston is the best city in the world.

Written By: Steve Santoro (SVS_1993)

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