The Biggest Question Mark Heading Into the 2019 NFL Draft

Folks, it’s almost time for the NFL Draft.

Most years, there’s a pretty good sense as to who the number one overall pick is going be. The last five years we’ve either had a QB or DE taken off the board first, this year will be no different. Kyler Murray or Joey Bosa? That’s the number one question going into Thursday night, and honestly, nobody knows what the hell is going to wind up happening.

ESPN’s Mel Kiper was “99.9% sure” that Murray was going to go first overall. Up until this past weekend, every report coming out from Arizona all but confirmed their interest. Then, we got this:

Things can obviously change, but with Murray appearing to be out of the picture in Arizona as of right now, what does this mean for the Cardinals? If I were them, I would trade down with Oakland, who owns the number four pick. Why? Because today we got a report confirming significant interest by Jon Gruden in, you guessed it, Kyler Murray:

I think this would be a great move for both teams here. The Raiders and Derek Carr have been heading for a divorce since Gruden took over last season. Everyone knows that he’s not his guy. If Gruden thinks Murray is, then he should absolutely go for it, and if Arizona isn’t in-love with Kyler, they shouldn’t take him just because he’s there.

The right thing to do here for the Cardinals would be trading down three spots, grabbing more future assets, and getting one of the great defensive players that’ll be available when they’re on the clock at four. If I had to guess, the Cardinals will probably be at the top of the draft for the next few years until they get their shit together. The chances to take a prolific QB will continue to be there for them, they just have to execute on those opportunities.

-Nick Cherico (@CouchGuyCherico)

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