The Best Tattoos: Super Bowl Edition

THE PHILADELPHIA EAGLES WON THE SUPER BOWL? Oh, you knew that? Well I bet you didn’t know that they did it with a back up quarterback. No, we got that part too? Okay okay, you definitely didn’t know there was a trick play that involved said backup quarterback catching a touchdown pass? Damn, you really knew that too? Well shit.

What you may not have known is that all of those events have since been tattooed on people’s bodies. With that being said, let’s take a look at the best tattoos, Super Bowl Edition:

Looks painful. But I mean, hey, to each their own. I’m just saying that when I open my mouth, I don’t want anyone to see the words “Big Dick” tattooed in there. Personally, I was really hoping that the guy who hate horse poop was the same guy that got “big dick” tattooed on his gums. Guess we’ll never know.

This is a pretty cool tattoo, to be perfectly honest. It honors the two biggest legends in Philadelphia sports history all in one pose. Just a reminder that the biggest sports heroes in Philly are Nick Foles, a backup quarterback, and Rocky Balboa, a made up character. Carry on.
*side note, why did the tattoo artist spend so much time on Foles’ ass? That thing is detailed.

Why is this necessary? Are you really gonna wake up one day and be like, “what was the design of that play the Eagles ran in the Super Bowl?” If you do, I mean thank God you have that baby stuck on your arm. Just in case. (The more questionable part of this is that it wasn’t the biggest play of the game. You’d be better off getting a tattoo of Foles’ dime to Corey Clement for a touchdown or Brandon Graham’s strip sack)

This is cool. I just don’t want a tattoo of a professional athlete on my arm for my entire life. Just me though.

To be fair, he already looked like a clown for having a tattoo of the Eagles logo. Might as well put a finishing touch on it.

Nick Foles

Nothing like a good old lower back tattoo that says “Big Dick Nick” am I right? This tattoo would be hilarious regardless of the name inserted after “Big Dick”.


At least tattoo removal doesn’t hurt like hell, right? Oh.

Eagles bible

Finally, we’ve arrived at the good tattoos portion. This one is cool, and the man who got it is 75. I have no hate for 75 year old Eagles fans. They’ve seen some rough years. In case you were wondering, Isaiah 40:31 references the wings of Eagles.

Eagles bird

This tattoo is amazing. So detailed and well done. I need to find this artist.

For those of you wondering, I don’t hate tattoos. I have one on my wrist. I  just feel like tattoos should have a special meaning to them, and most of these don’t meet that criteria for me. The Patriots ran the so called “Philly Special” against the Eagles in 2015. Doug Pederson was definitely watching film from that game, asked Big Dick Nick if he could catch, and boom the Super Bowl’s “defining” play was born.

Maybe this moment is so special to these Eagles fans they need immediate visual remembrance that it actually happened. I wouldn’t know,I’m a millennial from New England. I grew up on championships.

Written by: Brian Borders (@bborders12)

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