The Arctic Blast Gives the Patriots An Advantage Sunday And Bill Belichick Is Done Talking About It

Bill Belichick has already cemented himself as the greatest coach in NFL history in my opinion. Even if you want to disregard his previous success, what he’s done with the Patriots over these last 18 years is unprecedented.

I mean, just look at these last eight seasons. The AFC Championship has been one half New England Patriots for eight straight years. That is a WILD stat that could possibly never be replicated. But then you’ll hear people try to call him or Tom Brady overrated. Buddy, these two have demolished everything in their paths since 2000. Tell me again how these two aren’t considered the GOATs.

Anyway, as I’m sure you’ve all heard, the AFC Championship game set in Kansas City, Missouri, not Kansas, is going to be slammed with something we in the weather world like to call an arctic blast. And how arctic will this blast be? Anywhere between eight degrees and in the low teens at kickoff. I’m ranging there because I’ve heard about 20 different numbers at this point and the Weather Channel website does horrendous things to the speed of my browser.

Rumor has it, it could get down to a big fat zero by the end of the game.

It’s been the story all week leading up to this scrumptious game. And boy, I’m telling you. If you’re a reporter down at Gillette Stadium trying to squeeze every last informative drop out of Bill, you might want to get ready because he just wants to get the boys out there on the field and win some damn football.

Honestly, and I know it’s a disadvantage to both teams, but I think that this weather issue favors the Patriots and let me tell you why.

Tom Brady’s been in this league for give or take 60 years now and like I said before, he’s dominated it. That includes games in cold weather like this. Last year against the Jets and the Titans are just two recent examples.

Brady has been in below 30 degree weather games 28 times now through his career. And his record? 24-4 with a 12-1 playoff record.

This is Patrick Mahomes first year in the postseason as a starting quarterback and he struggled a ton in the regular season when the lights were at their brightest in primetime, losing four times. Well, the world is going to be watching Mahomes take on Tom Brady trying to advance his team to the Super Bowl. Mix the cold weather, that he really has little to no experience with at the NFL level, and I think this gives Brady and the Patriots more of an advantage than people are giving it credit for.

The Patriots are going to play physical and they understand what works, and what doesn’t in this type of weather. Yeah, there is a seasoned head coach with the Chiefs in Andy Reid, but how much can he do on the field? Nothing.

Bring on the arctic blast. Bring on the Kansas City Chiefs. Last week, I picked the Patriots to lose to the Chargers. This week, I’m actually semi-nervous but only because I’m so confident that the Patriots will win this game. And I don’t like being this confident with the team that a lot of people didn’t think would be in the position that they’re in now.

A lot of different aspects of the game are going to have to go the Patriots way though. I’m not saying that this game is going to be a walkover by any means. I’d be shocked if the score at the end of the fourth quarter is separated by more than seven points.

Receivers will have to get open and create space offensively. Sony Michel and Josh McDaniels will need to establish the run game. The defensive backs are going to need to figure out a way to take control of Tyreek Hill. And the offensive line is going to need to keep the Chiefs lethal pass rush at bay. All of those though, this Patriots team, the way they’re playing right now, is very capable of doing.

The Patriots Dynasty continues and we once again will see the most dominant franchise in American sports history in the Super Bowl.

-Nick Quaglia (@NickQuag)

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