The 2018 NFL Bad Lip Reading Came Out And It’s Phenomenal

Every year you can expect two things. The Patriots in the Super Bowl (RIP), and the NFL Bad Lip readings for that season to drop days after the a champ is crowned.

Whatever year it was when they dropped their first NFL bad lip readings, I just remember laughing until I was crying. I can’t see the ref Clete Blakeman anymore without thinking about him talking about the girl he was seeing and how he walked into her place and there were beanbag chairs everywhere. It was laugh out loud funny.

And Adrian Peterson saying Purple Peanut was another one of those where every time I see one of the great running backs, that’s what pops into my cranium.

Enjoy the 2018 Bad Lip readings. As you would expect – they’re pure electricity once again.

Written By: Nick Quaglia (@NickQuag)

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