Thank GOODNESS This Red Sox Road Trip Is OVER

Remember when we were all excited to see the Red Sox begin their World Series title defense? Yeah, those were good times. The Red Sox are returning to Fenway Park after going 3-8 on season opening West Coast trip. I think I speak for everyone when I say that this Red Sox road trip being over is a blessing.

The Red Sox do have some momentum going into their home opener Tuesday. They came away with a 1-0 yesterday against the Arizona Diamondbacks.

The Red Sox Play Better At Home

The Red Sox in 2018 went 57-24 at home. That was good for a 70% winning percentage at Fenway Park, compared to their 51-30 record on the road. The Red Sox have historically played better at home. With the Fenway crowd and the Green Monster at their disposal, it is easy to see why the Red Sox love playing at home.

Dustin Pedroia Is Due Back SOON

Dustin Pedroia is due to be back with the Red Sox as soon as Tuesday’s home opener.

The Red Sox are hoping that Pedroia will be able to play like he once did. Pedroia is a former MVP and two time World Series champion on the field (three off of the field), so he brings experience to the table. He can also improve the Red Sox infield defense by consistently being healthy and in the lineup.

In Conclusion

It will be nice to have the Red Sox home. They will have their World Series rings given to them and their banner unveiled. The 2019 season may not have started the way we all expected it to, but the season is young. Let’s give the Red Sox the thunderous round of applause that they deserve come Tuesday afternoon. Well…if it doesn’t get rained out of course.

That is the last thing we all need!

-Alan Nahigian (@BigAl2793)

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