Tatum Leads The C’s To Home Opening Win

Last night the Boston Celtics made easy work of the talented young 76ers, winning 105-87. We knew heading into the season that the 76ers would have a tough time scoring points. They rely on Reddick for all their perimeter shooting. But wow, I did not see them shooting this terrible in their first game of the season. How do you stop the 76ers? You don’t let Simmons get too far into the paint and you put pressure on Embiid. Sure those two players lead their team in scoring, but the rest of the team (besides Reddick) was trash. Seriously, people believe that the 76ers are going to be better than the Raptors this year?

Thoughts On The Celtics

To be completely honest, I don’t think the C’s even looked great last night. They got the W, but they made a lot of small mistakes. As a team, they had 14 turnovers which isn’t bad, but they need to limit those as the season goes on. Also what was up with Irving not being able to hit a shot (2-14 from the field)? I’m not worried about this at all, but it’s just worth noting. However, since he wasn’t making shots he started spreading the wealth. He finished with 7 assists.

Jayson Tatum is a stud. I have been watching Tatum before he even started playing college basketball at Duke. Since then I noticed that he is one of the smoothest shooters I have ever come across. Last year we got a to see Tatum grow as he gained more time after the Hayward injury. This year we will get to see Tatum dominate the league. I’m not just saying that because he scored 23 points last night making 9 out of his 17 shots. I’m saying this because the kid has improved so much in just one year. Tatum is physically bigger and stronger than last year. Plus he has been working out with Kobe. Basketball fans need to get ready because Tatum is going to shock a lot of people this season.

Connor Strayer (CouchGuyBigC)

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