Suplex Biddies Episode 19 is HERE!

It’s time for another episode of Suplex Biddies! Suplex Biddies is proud to present episode 19! Brought to you by

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Suplex Biddies Episode 4 AVAILABLE NOW!

Welcome back to the third episode of Suplex Biddies. The guys bring you all content you need to know about

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Couch Guy Sports Presents: Suplex Biddies (The Wrestling Podcast!)

Ladies and gentlemen! Couch Guy Sports is proud to present its newest podcast to the network, Suplex Biddies! Episode 1

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WATCH: Ronda Rousey Kicked Off Her Time in the WWE By Slamming Triple H Through A Table

#RondaRousey officially inks her new #WWE contract and then tosses her boss through a table. Because are you really an

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