The Rafters Pod Ep. 84: Brown’s 50 Ball Keeps Season Alive

With Jayson Tatum missing time with Covid-19, Jaylen Brown shouldered the load dropping a 50 ball on the Orlando Magic

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The Rafters Pod Ep. 50: All-Time Celtics Fantasy Draft

  After a small break in action to plan for a new season of the show, The Rafters are back

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The Rafters Pod Ep. 30: Early Thoughts on The Last Dance, LeBron vs.The 80s?, 2008 Celtics Group Chat

After another week inside, The Rafters Podcast comes to you with impressions of the first few episodes of ESPN documentary

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Top 50 Basketball Players of All-Time: 50-41

Let the countdown of the 50 greatest players of all-time begin.

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Kevin McHale Attended A Trump Rally And Twitter Is None Too Pleased

So this morning I’m hearing on the radio that Kevin McHale attended a Trump rally and my first thought is,

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