Divisional Round Preview

After a crazy wild card round, let’s look ahead to the divisional round of the NFL playoffs. Colts vs. Chiefs This might

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Wild Card Weekend Recap

Wild Card weekend was certainly wild, with three of the four road teams getting the win. Let’s do a quick

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Malcolm Jenkins Flipped Former Coach Sean Payton the Bird Yesterday Mid-Game

Watching the Eagles get absolutely pantsed by the New Orleans Saints yesterday was awesome for everyone except for the Eagles and

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This 2017 NFL Recap Video Gets All of the Juices Flowing

OHHHHHHHHHHHH Muh God. Somebody build a wall about 30 feet from me… And I’m going to run through it. Let’s GO.

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Patriots v.s. Eagles Preseason Recap

This was probably one of the most exciting preseason games I’ve watched in years. There was actually a lot of

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