Legends Lingo Podcast Episode 102: Deshaun Watson to the Pats? Celtics Hot Start and Goodbye Zdeno Chara

It’s episode 102 of the Legends Lingo podcast and there’s a lot going on in Boston. Some of it is

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Legends Lingo Podcast Episode 101: Feat. Red Sox Pitcher Durbin Feltman

It’s been a while, but here’s an episode recap from a few episodes ago of the Legends Lingo podcast. Here’s

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Couch Guy Sports Opinion on the Patriots Off-season

With the off-season here quicker than expected with us Patriots fans, it’s time to think ahead to 2021. We don’t

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Where Could Deshaun Watson Be Traded?

Deshaun Watson reportedly wants out of Houston. He has had enough of the Houston Texans incompetency through his brief but

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