NFL Trade Rumors: Christian McCaffrey for Deshaun Watson blockbuster trade brewing?

The Carolina Panthers want Deshaun Watson so bad that they’re willing to trade Christian McCaffrey in the process. A report

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Burnie and Chris Episode 27: One Year Anniversary

Get the fireworks ready! It’s Burnie and Chris Episode 27: One Year Anniversary! Yes, it’s been a whole year since

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The Fall Out From a Wild Day in the NFL

Whoever said Friday is a slow news day? It definitely wasn’t today. Filed to ESPN: Dolphins trading No. 3 overall

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Breaking Down The Remaining Patriots Quarterback Options

With a ton of cap space at their disposal, and their highest draft pick in recent memory, the 2021 off

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New York Jets: Offseason Needs

Last season was a complete disaster for the New York Jets. It was expected of them to be bad, but,

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