Is the Joe Kelly Fight Club Back?! Recap and Residual Thoughts on the Astros-Dodgers Scuffle

Dodgers and Astros Beefing Baseball twitter was abuzz last night, with the Astros vs Dodgers game getting a bit testy.

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Gilli’s 2020 Fantasy Baseball Season Preview That No One Asked For!!!!

BASEBALL IS BACK!!! Super exciting couple of weeks with sports finally relatively ready to come back. After the most painfully

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Mike Trout Isn’t Even the Best Player in His Division

There’s been a near consensus in baseball about Mike Trout for a few years now. Since Mike’s AL MVP debates

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Let’s Get Gassed Up For the 2019 MLB Home Run Derby

Everyone knows chicks dig the long ball, and guys do too. The Home Run Derby is always a spectacle where

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The Case for Rafael Devers to be in the All-Star Game

Alex Bregman of the Houston Astros currently leads all American League third baseman in all-star votes. Bregman is 800,000+ votes

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