Super Bowl LV Predictions… Including Prop Bets

We are only 4 days away from Super Bowl LV between the defending champions the KC Chiefs and the home team (yes, literally) the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.  Both teams are led, as we know, by all-time QB’s in Patrick Mahomes and Tom Brady.  I knew the Chiefs would be back in the Super Bowl just a year after claiming their first championship in literally 50 years.  But Tom Brady and the Bucs proved me wrong week after week after week.  It is fucking impossible to bet against the GOAT and this year showed it.

The Super Bowl is my favorite one day sporting event just because of the atmosphere it brings.  I love all the food, gambling, and football that consumes the day and I’m glad we are getting a great match up.  So, let’s get to some predictions!

Coin Flip

Ahhh yes, the infamous make or break pick of the day.  You get this right then your parlay is looking promising, but get this wrong and it’s immediately sitting in front of the chips and dip until the end of the first quarter.  The last five Super Bowls, the coin toss has been tails four out five times.  And every single coin toss winner lost the game.  Let’s keep that in mind.  I believe the Bucs are away so they will call it.  Now if this was the Pats, Belichick always calls heads.  Not sure if Brady will call it or what, but I am going to go with Heads for my pick.  Heads is due! Heads

First Play/First Score/First Touchdown

If everything goes the predictions way, then Brady and the Bucs will win the toss and most likely defer.  I am confident that Mahomes will complete a short pass to Hill to open the game.  Just to get these two moving.  We all know KC can move the ball, but they are just middle of the pack when it comes to redzone touchdown scores.  They ranked 12th in the NFL this year with only 61% of their redzone drives ending in a TD.  I think this will hold up.  You have to think they will come out pretty passive and get the nervous out of the way.  I think they will march up the field and let Butker get an easy chip in for 3 to get his nerves calmed too.  So I think the first score will be a KC field goal.  But, I think Brady and the Bucs will score a touchdown on their first drive.  Brady will have them floored and ready to get at this and not to mention they are technically “home.”  They play on this field 8 games a year and most likely in front of majority of their fans.  After seeing the board, I love a touchdown to AB for +700.  All this guy wanted for this entire career was to play with Brady and no better way for Brady to appreciate that than a TD in the Super Bowl.

Half Time Show – First Song

I am actually excited to watch The Weeknd preform.  One thing we can all agree on is that he is closing with “Blinding Lights.”  There is no way in hell he is opening up with his biggest most upbeat song.  Which makes me think he will open up with his next biggest, most upbeat song – “Pray for Me.”  I’m not sure what the odds are for “Pray for Me” to be the opener but if it’s of value I think it can be worth it.  However, I do not see it being Blinding Lights, which I’m assuming is the favorite.

Final Score/End of Game Bets

Deep down I think the Chiefs are going to win the Super Bowl.  I just think they have a better offense, defense, and coach.  Not to mention this whole team was just there a year ago.  Which is what I think will hurt Brady and the Bucs.  I fully expect Brady to be the 6 time Super Bowl winning GOAT, but I think the Bucs will get caught in the limelight.  This team is young and raw.  They have never been anywhere when they had Winston.  Now, just after one year they are playing for a Championship with a guy who expects greatness out of each and everyone of his teammates.  I think Brady will get the offense rolling enough to keep it close, maybe even enough to cover the spread (Bucs +3.5).  But can the Bucs defense stop Mahomes and the Chiefs?  I’m not sure they can.  They almost allowed Brees and the Saints and Rodgers and the Packers to both make late game comebacks.  Of course they ultimately held on, but the Chiefs are the champs for a reason.  I am ultimately going with the Chiefs because they were here exactly a year ago and I’m pretty sure they came back with like 99% of the same team.  I like the final to be a 9 point swing.  Maybe something like 35-26 or 38-29?  I think it will be a two score game.  But for betting purposes: KC 35-26.  As for end of the game props, of course it’s going to be Mahomes or Brady for MVP if they win.  Because I’m taking KC, I think Mahomes will win his second MVP and Andy Reid will get an orange Gatorade bath!

-John (Uncle_mac4)

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