Sunday Night Showdown: Patriots v.s. Seahawks

The Pats came out hot last week and gave us exactly what we wanted. Lots and lots of Cam Newton. The Seahawks also came out about as hot as they can and ripped Atlanta to shreds. It’s going to take more than just some inverted veers and QB sweeps to fool Pete Carroll though. He’s dealt with the most deadly mobile QBs in the league, and a washed up Cam Newton is no threat to him.


The good news for Josh McDaniels is that there’s only one game worth of film on this offense. The bad news is we don’t know how Cam will be able to handle throwing 40+ times a game. They might have to rely on that in this upcoming game if they want to keep up with a Seahawks offense that scores at will. Not only that, Cam Newton is in no shape to to be constantly taking hits from the likes of Bobby Wagner.

The running backs will play a huge role in this game. Seattle can bring a relentless rush, so dump offs to White and Burkhead, and maybe a little J.J. Taylor will be a huge help in moving this offense down the field. Sony Michel is going to have to continue to be a body blows and ground and pound all game. Pete Carroll is going to know what the deal is with Julian Edelman, so this might be a chance for speed demon Damiere Byrd to show out, as well as some help from the rookie tight ends.


The defense is really going to have their hands full after what Russell Wilson did to that Falcons defense. They have weapons that are hard to cover in Tyler Lockett and D.K. Metcalf, and a familiar face in Phillip Dorsett. They also added a red zone threat in Greg Olsen. Chris Carson can be an absolute beast when he can hold on to the ball as well. The secondary should be able to do their job, being one of the best units in the league. Gilmore matches up well against Metcalf, and Jones or Jackson should be able to handle the speed of Lockett.

The front 7 is who will have their work cut out for them. Containing Russell Wilson is a difficult task in itself, especially for a young and unproven pass rush. John Simon will play a key role in this game, having experience playing against a QB of this caliber. They are going to need to pick someone athletic to spy on Russ, maybe like Adrian Phillips. It would be great to see rookie pass rusher Josh Uche see some snaps in this game as well.

This isn’t going to be an easy one to pull off, but Bill will find a way to get some early wins here. 24-21 Pats.

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-Jake Kobierski (@TheRealKobe83)

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