How To Stream NFL Blackout Games 2018

Your hometown NFL team is preparing to play a home game. You decided not to attend the game because your team is playing a weak opponent or you didn’t want to face the traffic for a less than appealing contest. Turn the TV to the local station and discover that the game is not on. Because of low attendance, NFL stream rules blackout the game to the local area. How can you watch the game?

Below are several NFL stream options that you can explore.

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Stream International NFL GamePass


The NFL offers game streaming via the GamePass service. The service provides access to all games. If you are in the United States, these games are offered via on-demand replay and not via live broadcast. This issue is not present if you stream with the international NFL GamePass. This version of the service provides international customers with live access of all regular season and post-season games. The service also streams the Super Bowl live (not included with the state-side version).


To get access this service, you have to fool the NFL.com site to think you are overseas. You will need a VPN service to accomplish this task. Once on the VPN service, select an overseas server. This action will give you an overseas IP, and then you can select the international package on the official NFL site. While the service is slightly more expensive than the domestic service, it is a small price to pay to stream the NFL Super Bowl on any device of your choice.


Stream YouTube TV


YouTube TV streams CBS, Fox, and NBC. You can stream the service on all devices (Android TV, Apple TV, Roku, Chromecast, Android, Apple, etc.). The service will also allow up to three simultaneous streams. It costs $40 per month and offers a free 1-week trial. You can cancel at any time. In some areas, YouTube TV restricts live broadcast in certain locations. The service does not carry the NFL Network or NFL Redzone.



Stream Sling TV


Sling TV streams games based on the package you select. The blue package ($25 per month) offers games aired on NBC and Fox. The orange package airs games on ESPN ($25 per month). Or get both packages for $40 per month. You can get the NFL Redzone for additional $10 per month (included part of sports package). The downside is that the service does not offer the CBS games.



Stream NFL Mobile


Previous to the 2018-19 season, Verizon Wireless provides exclusive access to its customers. Now, any subscriber on other wireless networks can download the NFL Mobile application and watch games for free. The service provides access to the local game and national broadcasts on Sunday night, Monday and Thursday. Verizon also provides streaming service on Yahoo Sports and Twitch. You can download the application from Google Play and the Apple App Store.


With the various options available, blackout games should be a thing of the past. Fans can now stream any game they want across multiple viewing platforms. Have fun watching the games and see you at the Super Bowl


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News @TechWarn.com

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