You read that right. There will a Major League Baseball game in 9 days. The first game is the Yankees at the defending World Series Champion Nationals at 7:08pm on 7/23. That will kick start the 60 game shorten Corona season. There are a lot of storylines to looks out for during the season. Here are some to keep an eye out for.

Will Someone Hit .400?

I do not think some will hit above .400 in 2020 but I do think there will be some players very close to it. Tim Anderson lead all players with a .335 average in 2019, Christian Yelich was close behind with .329. For a hitter to come close to that average they will need a hot start. That is what is holding me back from saying someone with. I believe that hitters will struggle at the beginning of the season because they have not seen live pitching in a while.

Tim Anderson not as worrisome as baseball's self-importance

Will There Be A 35 Homerun Season?

That is a lot of homers in such a short period of time. The all time record for most homeruns in a 60 game stretch is 37 by Barry Bonds in 2001. We all know about that season and how good Barry was. I think we could see a few 30 dinger seasons. Guys like Pete Alonso, Aaron Judge, Giancarlo Staton could get hot and have a few weeks where they are hitting a lot of homeruns. But like I said about averages I could see hitters being slow out of the gate.

Will A Pitcher Have A Sub 1.00 ERA?

This is something I could see happening and with a few guys doing it. With hitters taking a few games to get back in to the swing of things (yes pun intended) I could see home of the better arms not letting up many runs. Jake Arrieta had an historic 2nd half of 2015 posting a 0.41 ERA. I do not see someone doing that. But a Jacob deGrom or Gerrit Cole could dominate the season. If a pitcher pitches every 5 games that is 12 starts. They could let up less than a run per 9 innings.

How Many Strikeouts Will Lead The League?

The most in 60 games in 142 done by none other than the strikeout king himself Nolan Ryan. Again guys like Cole and deGrom with swing and miss stuff could easily average over 10 Ks a game. Like I said earlier they will have about 12 starts. That adds up to about 120-140 strikeouts over the season. I could see 125 being the number to beat.

Jacob deGrom has changed his approach — for the better - Beyond ...

How Many Wins Will Be The Most?

To look back at how good the 2017 Dodgers were they went 51-9 at one point. No I do not think a team will win 50 games in 2020. But I could see a team win 40-45. It all really depends on how good of shape the players stayed in over the break. A team like the Phillies who are young and hungry could get on a run. See what Jon Sensi has to say about them here. Also the A’s could be a surprise team that has enough to win it. Be on the looks out for some teams to come out of no where to win a lot of games. All they needs is strong pitching and some hitting.

Phillies release 2020 regular-season schedule


I got the stats for the best 60 game stretches here. I do believe we will see a lot of weird things happen during the season. Which will cause a lot of excitement to see Major League Baseball for the first time since the day before Halloween in 2019. Whatever happens it will be awesome to watch. Stay tuned to my articles and Legends Lingo for the latest updates.

-Tom “Powder” Cadmus (@powder42308)

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