Stipe Miocic vs Francis Ngannou; The Biggest Heavyweight Fight EVER

Arguably the biggest Heavyweight title fight in UFC history is set to take place at the TD Garden, sounds like a bold claim but with all that is on the line it absolutely justifiable.  The Challenger Francis Ngannou is one of the most captivating fighters the UFC has ever produced.  Ngannou came from nothing in Cameroon, began fighting in France, and using only a punch that could blow a hole in a battleship has arisen to the number one ranking in the UFC heavyweight.  Stipe’s journey to the top of the mountain was not so meteoric but ever since his classic fight with Junior Dos Santos, the potensial many saw in him in his early career has been far surpassed and he is one defense away from holding the record for most consecutive title defenses.  A record like that could cement him as the greatest heavyweight championship reign ever.

Make no mistake about it the heavyweight champion of the UFC is the baddest man on the planet.  That title means everything to both those guys, Ngannou  is a wrecking ball of a human and is one one of the all time greatest debut streaks ever.  As Joe Rogan put it “He believes it is his destiny to win the Heavyweight title”.  HE is one of the most athletically gifted fighters not just in the UFC but in MMA history, It is hard to knock down a heavyweight and he can do it with one punch.

With all the talk about Ngannou’s undefeated start in the UFC, it has been taken for granted that Stipe’s last four opponents haven’t made it to the second round, so well he might not have the freakish power that Ngannou possess he is more than capable of dropping anyone he’s in the octagon with.  Stipe is one win away from being able to call himself the greatest heavyweight ever.

This fight and the pay per view in general have all the makings of an all time classic and it’s very hard to pick a winner in this one Miocic is the better all around fighter and a great technical striker who can hit with power, but Ngannou his a monster and the biggest monster in the UFC.  I like Miocic in this one though it’s a hard choice.  The much easier prediction however is blood violence and a KO.

Written by Jason MacKinnon


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