Steven Wright and Blake Swihart are Rats

Something that everyone should be aware of is who in their life, in their careers, or in our case, in our passions, is a rat. What is a rat? Well for the fancy version, surprisingly Urban Dictionary has an elegant way of putting it. It states, “A person who exposes another person’s wrongdoings for reason other than moral outrage or to seek justice. Usually for personal gain, to avoid trouble themselves, or out of jealousy.” More simply put, a rat is a snitch. Usually, it’s a cowardly person trying to get back at someone or trying to cover their own ass.

So what happened with the Sox? Well someone leaked that a video guy was relaying signs to players on base. According to Section 10 Pod, that someone was Blake Swihart and Steven Wright. We know this because Jared Carrabis more or less said it. When asked who the rats were he replied, “Yeah, I got a few of them, one of them was a very versatile guy, used to catch, play left, do a little bit of everything. The other guy would do a little trick pitch, float it toward home plate. But it’s all just speculation”

This all makes sense in hindsight. Both players were COMPLETELY misused and abused while with the organization. They both got weird injuries in plays and situations where they shouldn’t have been in the first place. Blake destroyed his ankle in left field (he’s a catcher). Steven hurt himself sliding as a pinch runner. What then happened is they rehabbed and rehabbed until eventually they were deemed insignificant and moved on from.

Seems like the something that would inspire some vengeance doesn’t it? But whats weird is that although there was some video shenanigans, it was nothing more than what most teams were doing. So at the end of the day, the whole thing turned out to be an attempt to get back at a franchise. After all, the franchise pretty much derailed their careers. Blame John Farrell for all of this!

-Dave Little (@DLittleMLB)


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