St. Patty’s day around America!

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Due to the pandemic, many countries and cities within the States have taken a break from hosting any parades or traditions for our safety. However, 2022 marks the return of many! Here’s what I found after an epic St. Patty’s day!

NYC St. Patty’s Day parade

After a long hiatus due to COVID-19 regulations, New York City’s St. Patty’s day parade made a return! The march went up Fifth avenue at 11am earlier this morning. More than 150,000 people marched today after 2-years without the traditional St. Patty’s day parade! I can’t say I watched the parade as a kid since I was in school every year it occurred, but based on the pictures, it looked like a great celebration! It consisted of the usual kilts, music, and lots of green!

Green Rivers!

Additionally, Chicago decided to celebrate St. Patty’s day by dying their river green! This didn’t happen today, but it happened quietly on March 12! It is said that it was kept quiet to prevent from drawing a crowd.  For those who didn’t know, it has been died since 1962! No need to worry about harsh dyes hurting the fish because they use vegetable-based dyes! I found a cool picture of it in an article on CNN.com – take a look!

Chicago isn’t the only city dying their river green, Texas follows with it’s own city of green! San Antonio plans to dye it’s river green as well. It is suppose to happen within the next few days. This will be accompanied by a St. Patrick’s day boat parade! The Irish-Italian parade is said to run through April 2nd in New Orleans. Lastly, Arkansas hosted the annual, and world’s shortest, parade in celebration of today! Supposedly they had to refrain from the parade last year, but thousands turned up this year! It took place in Hot Springs on their bridge music, festivities, and some celebrities!

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