SpaceX Starship SN10 Sticks Landing… Well Sort Of

Today, Elon Musk and SpaceX successfully launched and landed a spaceship.  Starship SN10 is the first spaceship to successfully launch and then come back down to land.  Despite the ship exploding when he returned to the ground, Musk and SpaceX are getting closer to their ultimate goal – civilian travel to space.

Above is the best video I could find.  So in that video, you can see SN10 is coming down from it’s launch and sticks the landing pretty clean.  I know absolutely nothing about physics or aerospace technology but I have eyes and that right there is some cool shit!  Despite how you feel about Elon Musk and his mad scientist vibe, the guy is a genius.  I for one hope he succeeds and can get civilians into space on a regular basis.

But, he needs to find a way to get these things to stop blowing up!  SN10 could have been it, but instead it had a meltdown when it landed and exploded.  It’s almost like SN10 knew what was at stake and wasn’t ready for the fame.

Lucky there is no one on board at this stage, but SpaceX needs to find a way to stop getting these ships to explode. But, I will give Musk and SpaceX credit for this.  No one in the world would expect anyone to land a spaceship.  That just seems to be impossible.  Like I said earlier, I know nothing about the physics or technology that has to go into this.  But there has to be some serious engineering and coding for you to: 1) Launch it and 2) Land it.  Regardless what the outcome was after, they still landed it.  I think it blowing up was a good thing.  Because let’s say it didn’t then maybe they don’t run as many tests next time and they end up taking a step backwards on SN11.

But nope, SN10 is a hero and much cooler than his predecessors.  In a few years we will be saying, “SN10 crawled so SN15 could run.”

-John (Uncle_mac4)

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