Sounds Like Julian Edelman Had Himself Quite A Weekend

I think everyone in New England is having a tough time with this “not being in the playoffs anymore” thing. The fans are trying to figure out what teams to root for now. The coaches don’t have extensive in-season meetings anymore. The players are trying to find things to do. One Patriot that seems to be having quite the time is wide receiver Julian Edelman. Here’s a quick recap of what happened this past weekend.

Edelman Was In California With Danny Amendola and Paul Pierce

Julian Edelman is originally from California. So why not go back home and see some family and friends, right? Well, he went to see former teammate Danny Amendola and former Celtics great Paul Pierce.

It looked like the boys were having some fun. Former/current Boston sports athletes getting together to have a good time? What could possibly go wrong, right? RIGHT?! Well…

Edelman Gets Arrested

Julian Edelman was arrested for jumping on the hood of a Mercedes and causing damage. My guess is that Edelman was having maybe a little too much fun and didn’t know what he was doing. Then again, he could have thought he would get away with doing something like that. It goes to show nobody is above the law. Luckily for the Patriots wide receiver, the charge was only a misdemeanor.

He’s Back In Court In April

Edelman will be going back to court in April for the incident. I don’t know personally what happens with this case. My guess would be a huge fine along with community service or something along those lines? This is a case of a guy that probably just had way too much to drink.

In Conclusion

It could have been a lot worse for Edelman. He shouldn’t be damaging other people’s cars. But, at least he didn’t commit a bigger crime here. This was quite the weekend for the Patriots wide receiver. Hanging with Paul Pierce and Danny Amendola and then getting arrested? I don’t think a lot of us can top that. MAYBE get yourself ready for 2020 by getting healthy now Julian, okay? Okay, cool. Good talk!

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-Al Nahigian (@BigAl2793)

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