Sore Losers Need Not Apply

What’s going on here in the NFL right now? Am I really seeing this? Apparently a team being hot garbage within the regular season has got a few words to say. How in any capacity is this relevant? Is this how you build up your team? Well, lets take a look shall we?

The Philadelphia Side:

Did Eagles coach Doug Pederson do what his team needed to try and win?

Firstly, Doug Pederson is public enemy number 1 in New York right now. Why you ask? Well it was the Eagles loss that kicked the Giants out of the playoffs. Now is that true? Well, in a way, yes. However if you look at the total number of wins that the Giants had, it would not have been enough to secure a playoff berth to begin with. With everything going in the NFC East, the fact that someone is groaning about missing the playoffs that badly should have taken better control.

Even worse is throwing another team under fire for their gameplan for week 17. Yeah Pederson informed everyone he was starting Nate Sudfeld at some point in the game, and didn’t shy away from that either before the game. Finding Jalen Hurts’ comments after the game didn’t sit well with some either. Yet the gameplan was laid out by the coach and it was stuck by. Yeah as I look at the overall, one can argue that the Eagles did toss the game. However with the comments laid out by both Hurts and Pederson it shows that they did what they could to win.

The New York Side:

Do you feel the comments from NY Giants coach Joe Judge are right?

Of course the Eagles threw the game! It’s us trying to get in! Why not?! Why shouldn’t we be in the playoffs. Within his first year of coaching the Giants, Joe Judge was very vocal about it. Not only about the feelings of how hard fought his team did throughout this season, but how he felt the Eagles tossed in the towel. Problem is, with their record at 6-10, I can’t see it. Maybe if you had that passion within the beginning of the season and pulled out a win or two more, you would be better off. But to blame another team? I’m not feeling it.

However Judge does have a point. Yeah they should have played the game fully, and given the drive as it should have been. But it’s harder to show when it’s the last game of the season and the coach has a gameplan. So yeah no coach with nothing more to prove within the season will put the best product out on the floor. So it’s gonna be a toss game. I never expect a team to go all in on week 17. Even if you are in the playoffs.

Toph’s Final Word:

Firstly, the Bostonian in me is telling me to tell the Giants F*$% Off! So yeah, I still want to! What team in their right mind is going to bitch, moan and groan about not making the playoffs at 6-10. 6 AND 10! God! Joe Judge must have used MANSCAPED and shown how big his balls are right now. You, and EVERYONE in your division doesn’t deserve to be in the playoffs. You know who misses the playoffs and has a right to complain? Miami Dolphins. This team went to 5-11 to a 10-6 team and MISSED THE PLAYOFFS! They have every right to be angry! Not some 6-10 team that couldn’t even break .500!

So, this is to Doug Pederson, and Joe Judge. MAN THE HELL UP! Get your teams in order! Most importantly, get everything handled right! In conclusion, DO BETTER! You just made both of your teams look like crybabies. “Oh no, this team did this! And this team did that!” Listen, go win more games, have your team show up, and get the job done! Last I checked, this is the NFL. Furthermore this is also a competitive game. If you cant take it, get out! More so than ever it’s a business. So I’d expect a lot more competition and a hell of a lot more sportsmanship! So disappointed!

Toph @angry_turnip80

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