Some Guy Runs Onto The Field During The COLLEGE WORLD SERIES And Gets Lit Up; Girl Can’t Believe It

This guy ran onto the field and was absolutely on top of the world. Hands held high… He made it. He’s probably thinking about all of the stories that he’s going to tell. Did he think about the fact that he’ll probably have to post bail just to run on the field when the game wasn’t even going on? Probably not. But all in all, this has to be an adrenalin rush.

That was nice… Until that TRAIN came in and his security guard buddies came dropping from the sky like Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs. These guards were straight up zombies from The Walking Dead once a body hits the ground. They all pile on trying to get at the injured, stupid human. Laugh out loud funny.

Look, there is zero part of me that feels any kind of pity for this kid. You heard that girl screaming in the background, right? “GET OFF OF HIM!” Are you serious? Listen, when a guy runs onto the field, the guards get allllllllll sorts of jacked up. They are coming straight for the food and the food was this dummy. I’m not saying that I’m against what this guy did at all. People running onto the field makes any crowd go bananas. But you NEED to keep your head on a swivel or you’re going to get mauled.

I mean… Fenway Park…

You gotta be prepared for this. Drink your milk because the train is coming. This is legit what these guys wait for and when it happens, it’s like letting a German Shepard out of the K9 Unit’s car.

I need this to happen more only for the videos. Security lighting these guys up is some of the best content that comes out of the weekend and it’s almost must watch.

Nick Quaglia (@NickQuag)

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