Some Dirt-People Turfed The Field of Dreams Field And We Need Some Hardcore Justice


The “Save the Field of Dreams” Facebook page posted these pictures today and we need to hunt these people down like the animals that they are. There are certain things in life that you know you can take digs at and go after, and some things that you KNOW are absolutely off limits. (If you can’t see the pictures, click on the link above)

Some monuments are whatever. You go to a college and dress your weekend opponents statue in your own school’s clothes, that’s funny. Maybe even draw a man’s genitals on the statues face, I don’t know that’s your call.

You steal a mascot/animal, I mean, that’s not cool but I’ll live with it.

You even have Eagles fans telling the world on social media that he was going to sleep with Tom Brady’s wife but you know, he said it in the only way that Philadelphia trash can could.

I think he actually took down the original video so here’s when TMZ covered it and he then posted it.

But if there’s one thing that should get you the death penalty in America, it’s ripping up the Field of Dreams.

If these guys are ever found, they need to be publicly shamed. I’m talking tomatoes, watermelons, the works. EVERYONE in that town gets to do their worst.

Written By: Nick Quaglia (@NickQuag)

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