#SoccerSaturdays: Potential Landing Spots for Sergio Aguero

Welcome back for another #SoccerSaturdays! For those of you celebrating this weekend, Happy Easter to all!

Leagues across the world are returning to action after the two-week international break. Following the international break, some major news broke out on Monday and our team at Couch Guy Sports had the news coverage for you. It was no other than the somewhat unexpected announcement of Sergio Aguero leaving Manchester City this year. So as we processed the news throughout the week, there has been major speculations of where he could go.

The speculations have been around that Aguero goes to PSG or Barcelona. However, I have a few other spots that I see him going towards that I’d like to share with you. Allow me to get into it…

Top Landing Spots for Aguero

Bayern Munich

Bayern Munich's Robert Lewandowski or Man City's Sergio Aguero: Who's the better No. 9? | Extra Time - YouTube

Aguero will go into the offseason at 32 years old and still in incredible shape. Imagine the likes of Robert Lewandowski and Sergio Aguero together to form a powerful attack? Well, it could very well be the case as Bayern will need to add pieces to their offensive game especially if Robert Lewandowski picks up any injuries come 2022 season as he continues to be a major part of his countries international duties. Eric Chuopo-Mouting while a necessary evil for the lineup at Bayern just doesn’t bring the same depth that Kun could to Bayern.

Inter Milan

Man City face Sergio Aguero transfer battle as two clubs open talks | Football | Sport | Express.co.uk

In my opinion, the move that makes the most sense and puts him back into Champions League regardless. With speculations in the off-season that Lautaro Martinez is set to make a move out of Inter Milan this year, who else to replace him than Kun Aguero! Romelu Lukaku would need another finishing partner to the crime, someone with experience and with depth to offer. Honestly, an ideal situation here for Manchester City and Inter Milan would be a swap which would bring Martinez to City and Aguero to Inter Milan.

Financially, this is a move that makes sense and doesn’t limit either team. Strategically speaking, this is a move that leaves Manchester City with a young and upcoming talent to continue to built their roster for the future. Meanwhile, it would leave Inter Milan to accomplish some short-term goals ahead and lineup their needs for those long-term goals.

Juventus FC. – Atletico Talks?

Aguero Juventus, bomba dall'Inghilterra: tutto vero

You might be wondering why I would pick another Italian Serie A side, one second please!

Reason this move could make a lot sense is actually simple. When Aguero made his big move to England, Aguero was an upcoming talent at Atletico Madrid. Now, in this opportunity to help Atletico by sending Morata back!

With the potential of Juventus wanting to return Morata, that would leave room for Aguero to be signed at Juventus. Think about it, Cristiano Ronaldo isn’t going anywhere unless Nedved wants him to and what better and lethal striker to offer Ronaldo to build with than Sergio Aguero?

Kun Aguero to the United States?

Wright-Phillips: Barca-Linked Aguero Not Ready For MLS

While many continue to entertain the idea that Sergio Aguero could move to Barcelona to join his buddy Lionel Messi, I think otherwise.

Lionel Messi has made it clear he wants out of Barca. Unfortunately, the Argentine super-talent has reached his breaking point and is set to leave the Cataluña side. Therefore, bringing Sergio Aguero just doesn’t make much sense.

With rumors circling around that Aguero could come to the MLS, it makes a lot of sense. At 32 years old, Aguero will want to be a center piece but with the responsibility to be a mentor for the next generation, what better place to do so than the MLS? Aguero could also just stay for a short-time, make his money and be out!

In Conclusion….

While the future will be uncertain for Sergio Aguero, there will be a lot of speculation in the upcoming weeks leading onto the offseason. All we know is, Aguero at 32 years old still has a lot in the tank to offer and would be intriguing to see where he goes from Manchester City.

In the meantime, to all of you Manchester City fans, my thoughts and prayers are with you in these difficult times. Aguero leaves a legendary legacy behind and unfortunately is also the last one out of the team in 2012 that made Manchester City the monster they are today.

~Diego Galvis (@Diego_TheDJ on Twitter).



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