#SoccerSaturdays: Manchester Derby, Prediction and more!

Welcome to another #SoccerSaturday!

In this weeks’ version, it is impossible to ignore the 182nd Manchester Derby coming up at 12:30 PM EST. The match is the 182nd time where Manchester United and Manchester City meet.

The derby this year happens to a bit different of course, due to a pandemic in the middle of things. However, as of December 2nd, there is a limited amount of fans allowed into the stadium so United will be playing in front of its fans.

Now, there is also a lot at stake here in this derby for one team as the year seems to be ending on a difficult note.

Manchester United vs. Manchester City: What’s at Stake?

A lot happens to be at stake here in this derby. United currently finds themselves in the 7th spot of the Premier League standings while City is at 9th.

For Manchester City, it would be important to win this derby to get momentum back and going again in the Premier League. Pep Guardiola’s side has actually performed to high standards in the Champions League but it is the premier league where the team needs to put some work onto now.

However, for United it is a very different story.

United left the Champions League after having had the lead of its group basically thru 5 out of 6 matches. Ole Gunnar Solksjaer is facing a lot of scrutiny from the fans and from the teams’ management office as now United is out of the most prized competition in Europe in the very early stages.

Now Solskjaer’s career could be hanging on by a thread as he enters this match with a must-win mentality to keep himself afloat at Old Trafford. Winning today’s derby not only puts the team back into the swing of things but also places them in 4th place and in good rhythm for the league.

Frankly as United fan, sacking Solskjaer may really not be the answer but could be a step deemed necessary towards getting to the right place.

Today’s Lineups for the Derby.

Now, let’s see how the teams will lineup for today, shall we?

United’s Lineup: 

Manchester City’s Lineup:

Prediction: United lining up in 4-1-2-1-2 formation and City lining up in a 4-2-3-1 formation, intriguing!

However, with these two formations it is safe to assume that much of the game will be down the midfield line. Therefore, my prediction is that this will be a close game and United escape with a 2-1 victory. Goals from Fernandes and Greenwood to be expected.

~Diego Galvis (@Diego_TheDJ on Twitter).

Diego Galvis

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