#SoccerSaturdays: Is It The End of The Mourinho Era At White Lane?

I hope you are all having a great weekend so far and enjoying your saturday!

It is another #SoccerSaturdays and this time is getting worrisome for one of the most prolific coaches in the league. Jose Mourinho has hit a serious snag lately with Tottenham and the Perfomance of the team shows.

While Tottenham did pull a win in the Europa League against Wolfsberg, the English Premier League side of things do not look very hot at all.

Tottenham Record 2021

So far thru 2021, The Hotspurs have managed to fall and very quickly out of contention for the EPL Title. Even the past few weeks, Tottenham has managed to have a 1-3 record. Granted, their most recent loss was against the best team in the league, Manchester City. However, it doesn’t explain how a star-studded Tottenham lineup could drop points to a Brighton Hove & Albion team that is holding on by a thread to not relegate.

The most worrisome part though is not even this little spell Tottenham may be under. No, the biggest worry is in deeper roles and you’ll see why shortly.

Questioning Players

Here is where the worry truly is. You are Jose Mourinho and as manager of the Hotspurs, the biggest expense so far has been Gareth Bale. Ok, so now you have an ok option for a right-wing attacker or maybe a striker. What are you doing in place with the rest of the players though?

Let’s also not forget what happened during this past January Transfer Window. A desperate Dele Alli wants to get out of Tottenham like now and yet, Mourinho and Levy managed a way to say “No, you’re not leaving now”.

Speaking of Alli, noticed now all of the sudden he is getting playing time after Mourinho basically said to him “You’re good but you are not that good” to his face?

Oh and then lets move over to the Lucas Moura and Serge Bergwijn misuse! Nevertheless, how bad they have dropped form when at one point they were easily feared by many in the league.

So, What do you do now?

Personally and as someone who had Mourinho coaching for Manchester United, I think it would be in the best interest of both parties to part ways. For Mourinho, it may be best to really look at getting jobs in the Spanish La Liga where his style of play can truly bring a new breath of fresh air as it really needs it! Heck, maybe he could be the Barcelona coach they need rather than that clown Koeman.

For Tottenham, it will be extremely important to bring a coach that can truly unite the team again and bring them to their top form. Maybe, form isn’t so much of a question at this point as it would be to keep the likes of Son Heung-min, Harry Kane and Hugo Lloris in this team. If those 3 pieces go, Tottenham is in serious trouble and money will need to be heavily invested in building a new identity that provides sustainability for the club going forward.

As for the fans, I feel your pain and know your mindset a little too well. Mourinho brings such passion to the club but his style just doesn’t match the needs of a Tottenham team that honestly could and should possibly be in the top 6 of this years’ Premier League if their forms were maintained.

~Diego Galvis (@Diego_TheDJ on Twitter).

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