#SoccerSaturdays: Clash of Two Titans – Pep Guardiola vs. Mourinho Today!

#SoccerSaturdays is back and ready to roll with a massive clash between two of the best coaches in the world.

If you are a soccer fan, you know that there is a long history between Jose Mourinho and Pep Guardiola. If you aren’t, that’s ok! Because I will get into that shortly and you will see why the level of excitement is high for this match.

The Mourinho vs. Guardiola Rivalry

For many years, these two have been rivals and in a very intense manner. Their rivalry really started very early in their career when they were both at Barcelona FC.

In 1996, Jose Mourinho was hired by Barcelona to be a translator for Bob Robson who was the boss at Barcelona then. While time was going by, Jose was quickly captured by the leadership skills of Pep Guardiola and their relationship flourished.

Then in 2000, While working under the management of Louis Van Gaal, Mourinho mentioned wanting to stay at Barcelona forever. It was truly the golden years for the club as titles were being lifted and they were one to be feared. Fast forward to 2008 though, when the job became available and unfortunately for Jose, Pep beats him to the job!

The problem wasn’t just the fact that Mourinho had been denied an opportunity to coach. The real problem was how Barcelona turned down a Mourinho who was ready to bring glory to Camp Nou. Then in 2010, the special one took revenge when Inter Milan beat Barcelona in the Champions League 3-1, knocking them out of competition and a brutal celebration delivered by Mourinho that truly ripped apart Barca.

Pep and Jose would then meet again in Madrid, where their rivalry went to a new level! A Classico match was decided due to an off-side and in a scuffle with the media, these two went off! Their rivalry has cooled down as of late, but now that you get the story behind it, lets dive into todays action!

Manchester City vs. Tottenham!

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A massive game for the premier league here between these two!

For Manchester City, they are on a demolition rampage where every rival has felt their wrath. Pep continues to coach a team filled with talent. The only unfortunate part for City is not having their lead striker, Sergio Aguero in this game. The good thing is, they have an extremely motivated Ilkay Gundogan who continues to deliver results!

Meanwhile for Tottenham, luck hasn’t been on their side as of late. For starters, Harry Kane has picked up an injury that has delayed him in his style of play and therefore causing issues for the Hotspurs attack. The other side of that is, for some reason Mr. Jose Mourinho chooses not to play Dele Alli. Dele has been an essential piece of attack for Tottenham and Mourinho is just hurting Tottenham at his point by not utilizing his skills.

Score Predictions!

So as you prepare to watch this intense match between two very good teams in the premier League. Allow me to share with you my predictions for this game.

First, I expect Mourinho’s side to come out with a 4-2-3-1 formation with Harry Kane and Lucas Moura basically building the attack for the Hotspurs.

For City, I expect the same 4-3-3 style that Pep Guardiola has made his legacy on. Of course, I definitely expect Phil Foden and Raheem Sterling on the sides to put balls in the danger zone for Gabriel Jesus to capitalize.

Lastly, my score prediction for this game is a 3-2 victory for Tottenham. Mourinho has always done very well against top tier teams and this should be no exception. Should Mourinho lose, expect the “Sack Mourinho” movement to pick up steam for the Hotspurs fan base.

~Diego Galvis (@Diego_TheDJ on Twitter).

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