Should the Sabres Consider Keeping Don Granato?

With the Buffalo Sabres looking for a new head coach, there is a question to be asked. Should the Sabres keep interim head coach Don Granato and make him the permanent head coach? In this article, I’m going to tell you what I think they should do.

Granato named Sabres interim head coach

In my opinion, I don’t think they should make Granato the permanent head coach. My reasoning, he doesn’t have experience as a head coach in the NHL. The Sabres have a history of hiring coaches and having them being fired after a couple of seasons, I do not want that happening again. Whoever the Sabres hire should have experience being a head coach in the NHL. This isn’t a shot at Granato, I like him and the team is playing better after firing Ralph Krueger and making Granato the interim head coach. However, this hockey team needs a coach who knows what it takes to win in this league. This organization has been the laughing stock of the NHL for a long time, it’s time to change that around but I don’t think Granato should be the guy going forward.

-Zach Jezioro (@ZachJezioro_13)

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