Should the Patriots Lure Anquan Boldin out of Retirement?

A few weeks after signing with the Buffalo Bills this off-season, Anquan Boldin announced he would be retiring from the NFL. However, yesterday it was reported that Boldin would consider coming out of retirement to play for the Patriots. There is reportedly mutual interest between the both of them.

Boldin, now 36 years old, had 67 catches for 584 yards and 8 touchdowns last season with the Lions. He currently ranks 9th in NFL history in career catches with 1,076. If he were to play this season, he could potentially move into the top 5. That could be something that intrigues him enough to come out of retirement. A chance at another Super Bowl ring also might just do it.

For this move to happen, Boldin would have to be either released or traded by the Buffalo Bills in order to end up with the Pats. Because they are the team he retired with, they still have the rights to him if he were to un-retire.

I used to HATE this guy when he played for the Ravens. Just thinking of him torching us in the AFC Championship back in 2012 still bothers me to this day. This is why I think I would like this move. He definitely isn’t the player he was back then, but he’s the type of guy who can make a play when you need it. Also, the injury to Edelman means that the Patriots could use all the help they can get at wide receiver. Boldin’s track record makes me feel like he would fit in perfectly here.

Written By: Nick Cherico (@NickCherico2)

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