Should Celtics Fans be Concerned about Kemba Walker’s Knee?

As a Celtics fan, I’m pissed that there’s no basketball right now. The Celtics would just about be getting ready for a playoff run. This team was a lot of fun to watch this year. They were selfless, tough, and loved one another. That’s the fun part. However, one would also question the health of point guard Kemba Walker. We know Walker was a workhorse in Charlotte. In his first season in Boston, he has had an on and off battle with his knee. With everything going on, it seems like Kemba is trying to stay in good spirits about it.

So the big question is: should us Celtics fan be worried about Kemba’s knee at this moment? Let’s look at it from a few angles.

Kemba’s Dependability in Charlotte

Like I mentioned before, Kemba was a workhorse in Charlotte. In 656 potential games he could have played with the franchise, he played in 605 of them. The quick math on that is 92.2%. That’s how reliable Walker was to Charlotte. He was pretty much their whole offense. The fact that he played that many games in Charlotte might have Celtics fans a little weary of his current knee situation.

His First Season in Boston

Walker has played in 50 games in his first season in Boston out of 64 total. Assuming the season is over, Walker played in 78.125% of games for the Celtics. The knee was always nagging and kept Walker out for a stretch of games. We were wondering when he’d actually be back. It also doesn’t help that people are presuming that actually playing on the knee is still a mystery.

COVID-19 Holding Up Treatments

With COVID-19 hitting the world and taking over everyday life, Kemba Walker can’t get treatments. Players aren’t allowed to go to practice facilities, understandably so. But, that takes away from Kemba getting treatment and rehabbing with the training staff. Sure, he can do some things at home. But like we’ve seen, rest just isn’t going to cut it. I don’t know what it will take, but Walker needs to get treatments and such very soon. Otherwise, when the NBA does eventually come back, we might not see him in game action right away.

In Conclusion

Is it a legit concern? I’d say yes. Walker has to be healthy now and for the next three years of his Celtics tenure. We don’t want Kemba having to deal with this next season too. Take the time that you need to get healthy right now and be ready for when the NBA returns. We need more Kemba highlights like this to view anyway!

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-Al Nahigian (@BigAl2793)


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