Short Handed Takes: A Boston Bruins Podcast- Episode 6

Welcome to the Short Handed Takes Podcast. In our sixth episode, the guys discuss the Bruin’s last 3 games and where they currently sit, they also discuss their takes on Candy Corn after the Nick Foligno debate in the locker room, and things get wild as Kevin flubs up.

If you missed episode 5- Click Here

Short-Handed Takes Episode 6 Rundown

-Recapping the last three Bruins Games.

-How did Linus Ullmark Perform?

-Chris Predicted the start of a Pasta heat up

-Marchand still rolling

-The Foligno Effect: The Guys Stance on Candy Corn. A massive Perdios Flub.

-Closing: Next set of Bruins games and our Hot Takes.

Where Can You Give Short-Handed Takes a Listen?

You can find the hosts on Twitter, @jeffhoak1, @kperdios15, and @ChrisHenrique. You can also find our podcast on Twitter @ShortHandedTks

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Jeff Hoak (@Jeffhoak1)

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