Shaq & Charles Barkley Get HEATED Last Night On NBA on TNT

Another night of straight dominant television for NBA on TNT. I love this show because they just don’t give a damn.

All of these postgame and pregame shows in every other major sport just try to be so professional. This is why the NBA is successful because they allow their players and personalities to have, well, personalities.

The league that clearly has zero clue as to what they’re doing in the marketing department is baseball. It even comes through on their broadcasts. Just talking some ball and that’s it. NBA on TNT is far and away the best because they just let these guys do their thing.

And by the way, both of them are right. Shaq is correct in the sense that you don’t always need to coddle these players but at the same time, it is a huge benefit if the player and the top performer on each team gets along and has at least a decent relationship.

Look, I flat out love this show. I don’t care if it’s football, hockey, baseball or basketball. This cast needs to host every postgame and pregame show during primetime. It’s legendary.

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-Nick Quaglia (@NickQuag)

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